Which type of camp stove is the best gas or propane?

You are planning to go camping, and while you want to get ready, you asked, “Which type of camp stove is best gas or propane?”. One thing is that propane fuel has been a very popular fuel for camping and home use, as we as natural gas, they both used for powering cooking and heating appliances, at home and outdoor.

On the off chance that you want to go camping, and they give you the option to choose between the two fuel option camping stove. Which will you choose, how do you make the best choice, which is the best type of camp stove?.

propane tank, connect to a backpacking burner, with pot over.

propane tank, connect to a backpacking burner, with pot over.

Although, I can say, between A and B, that A is best or B is best. But in this sense, I can’t just give a straightforward answer, as it will be very wrong, and can mislead. However, we need to dig deep and compare both based on their pros and cons.

In today’s post, we have help highlight and give a detailed comparison between propane and natural gas, and we hope this will help you make the right decision choosing the best stove.

However, both propane and natural gas are fossil fuels. Just to save you the stress of reading through a long post, the major difference between propane and your natural gas is just that, for your propane fuel, they abbreviated of both liquid forms or sold, as for sold, which comes in a portable canister. While natural gas is always in a gaseous state.

Another thing is that, if you want to compare the two fuel types, one should look at the fact that the application and the pros and cons of propane and natural gas are amazingly unique. However, as we all know that for perfect grilling, you need natural gas, and for the fact that they turn out cheaper initially. While propane for its BTUs rates, provides higher heats output, is just perfect to handle all cooking and heating while camping or at home.

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However, many claims that for the fact that the propane is a separating from the natural gas, which is also called (liquefied petroleum gas “LPG”), claiming that natural gas is best. Anyway, I will just advise that before making any decision on which fuel source camping stove is best, it’s better you consider their differences, installation, efficiency, delivery methods, safety, and compositions.

Are gas stoves and propane stoves the same? Which is cheaper?

Going to get a camping stove, and you are giving the option to choose between a propane fuel stove or natural gas camp stove, most often what most people consider is the cost, though for me, out of all other things, the price is the last to consider.

Although, from their price, BTUs, and more… we can really tell their differences. For propane, they usually measure fuel rates in price per gallon, while they measure natural gas in price per cubic foot. You ask yourself, “is there a difference between gas and propane stoves”. Yes!!! There is a difference between propane and a natural gas stove.

However, while on the go, you need something that can cook or heat at the speed of light, that’s why I may not consider the price, but rather compare there BTUs. However, you ask yourself “what is propane vs. natural gas BTU output”, what are BTUs? anyway, this is the measure of heat output and efficiency. And it’s not news that the propane has more BTU heat output rate. Meaning, if you are buying a propane camp stove at a high cost, you will cook effectively more than using a natural gas stove.

According to meenan.com, for a better understanding, it’s said that “One propane cubic foot = 2,516 BTUs compared to natural gas one cubic foot which is = 1,030 BTUs. And propane contains over two times the energy of natural gas. Meaning, within an hour, natural gas furnace burns around 97 cubic feet, which is 100,000 BTUs, while propane furnace burns just 40 cubic feet at the same time”.

In short, should you just consider propane stoves over natural gas stoves, just because of its principal burning and heat output? Although, I won’t just yes, but come to think of it this way. As for their energy ability, we may decide, but there are other things that are worth considering as well, which may have included:

  • Availability,
  • Installation,
  • Refillable,
  • Safety.

In addition, I will go for a propane stove as propane can also function for a range at your home, and while camping, such as drying clothes, and gives you off-grid independence when other fail.

Lastly, switching fuel source for your stove, you may ask “are natural gas and propane interchangeable”, to some extent, you are good to go, but only may require purchasing new stuff, such as; stove’s regulator, grill parts, and the likes. (You can check our previous post on using propane, butane, and natural gas camping stoves interchangeably, click here.)

Which type of camp stove is best gas or propane? Due to Availability, Refillable, and Installation.

Although, for natural gas, they are available in your normal gas stations around you, while propane is available in tanks and available in most sporting or outdoor recreation stores and gas stations.

Also, while camping in a remote area, or nearby, you can get propane fuel delivery if you run out of fuel by a professional, another reason to consider, unlike the natural gas that requires pipelines.

Are gas stoves and propane stoves the same? Due to safety precautions.

Although, propane and natural gas are both somewhat odorless and colorless. Since they are odorless and colorless, detecting leaks will be quite difficult. With this, companies have been ordered to include harmless chemicals such as mercaptan. This chemical smells sometimes like sour eggs, and mostly like sulfur.

However, if your camping stove or other system using either a propane or natural gas, most especially combusted fuel, this can easily develop carbon monoxide, which could be harmful. That is why it’s very important you have a carbon monoxide detector around.