What is The Most Efficient Fuel Choice for A Backpacking Stove?


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The Most Efficient Fuel Choice for A Backpacking Stove.

Getting a backpacking stove has been easier, but you asked what is the most efficient fuel choice for a backpacking stove?, this has been a tug of war for many, looking for the most efficient fuel for a backpacking stove… to cut the long story short, I will recommend an isobutane fuel mixed which (Jetpower fuel contains a mixture of propane and isobutane). However, it’s said that the propane will help with a very higher vapor pressure onto the fuel, with this; the fuel will work better in cold weather. While the Isobutane helps with more constant pressure as the fuel level gets low.

What is The Most Efficient Fuel Choice for A Backpacking Stove

Note: we have given this report based on our personal test, also we have gathered more pieces of information below, so as to help you decide which is better and more efficient for your need, based on your environment.

However, to get the most out of your backpacking stove fuel, it is very much important to understand some of the factors that could affect how your canister fuel will perform. Nevertheless, the most important factor we always consider is the place you want to backpack, what is the Werther like? Hot or cold, too hot or too cold, what is the average temperature?. All these are things to consider before choosing a fuel for your backpacking stove.

Has been mentioned earlier, that for most canisters fuel are made of a mixture of two or more gases, which is either propane mixed with butane, or a mixture of both propane and isobutane, this helps you to keep the internal pressure this mixture remains liquid, however; we attach these canisters to backpacking burners.

What is the factor that affects the efficiency of backpacking fuel?

However; I’ve mentioned facts that could affect the efficiency of your backpacking fuel, and they are just two things, which are either temperature or altitude. Yes, you get it temperature, and altitude can affect your fuel efficiency. The outer air of course, however; your canisters get cool while running. Meaning the canister will or may off some power, but as its temperature drops, your stove’s heat output decreases as well. According to research, it’s said that for butane canisters fuel, this drop will occur if the Werther is between 29 to 32°F, and for isobutane canisters fuel, these drops will occur at around 9 to 12°F. While for the altitude, this actually is the offset temperature, meaning the lower outside pressure which can be achieved at a very higher altitude, this will help you keep the internal/external canister pressure at the same level. (Meaning the higher you go hiking, the colder the trumps and effect).

How to choose the most Efficiency fuel for your backpacking stove

However, fuel efficiency could be a bit different, as telling how long could your fuel last depend on what you cook. However, we have run a different test with different fuels. As we all know that one of the most annoying things one could ever have while camping is running out of fuel at the wrong time, this will totally suck the fun of your hiking or camping.

However, for every camper or backpacker, it’s advisable you just take all fuel efficiency details as mere suggestions, in the sense that not what each fuel has been tested for might not be what you will be cooking. (For instance, we have tested most fuel for just build water for your coffee, and cooking risotto with veggies). So, if you are cooking something different, you might end up using more fuel.

The pros and cons of propane mixed with isobutane (gas fuel).

Gas fuel is a mixture of both propane and isobutane in your backpacking fuel canister. 


  • These are the fuel that does not require priming, and easy to light.
  • Clean burning, with a magnificent flame control.
  • Affordably and lightweight for a backpacking trip.


  • Difficult to ignite in a cold Werther or when at a higher altitude.
  • availability, it’s hard to find in remote or not developed areas.
  • It requires taking an extra canister so you won’t run out of fuel.

Below, we have helped with a table chart for the most efficient fuel choice for your backpacking stove, based on rating:

What is The Most Efficient Fuel Choice for A Backpacking Stove?

PRODUCTS and Fuel Efficiency Rating

Jetboil Flash​
Primus Lite+
JetBoil MiniMo
JetBoil Zip
Camp Chef Stryker Multi-Fuel
MSR PocketRocket Deluxe
MSR Windburner
Soto Windmaster
MSR Dragonfly
MSR Whisperlite
MSR Whisperlite Universal
Snow Peak LiteMax
MSR Windpro 2
Primus Classic Trail

Based on the question asked that “what is the most efficient fuel choice for a backpacking stove”, and as we all know that having an efficient fuel for backpacking stove is just very important, however; following the above chart will guide you in choosing the right fuel for your need.

We have chosen the “Jetboil Flash”, as the most efficient fuel choice for a backpacking stove, however; fuel efficiency has to do with environmental difference, as well as how much weight you want to carry. However, if you are able to calculate how much fuel you will use, or you don’t want to do much cooking while backpacking, then you don’t need to carry an extra fuel canister along.

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