What is The Best Wood Stove for A Hot Tent?

If you don’t want to read through a very long content, let save you the stress and you can get your hand on “Goture Camp Stove for Tent”. This is a portable wood-burning tent stove with heat-resistant glass. We have chosen this stove as the best wood stove for a hot tent.

You want to learn more about your tent stove, read below!

However, as we all know that camping will always be an amazing experience, but what if you aren’t camping on a sunny day, it’s winter and it going to freezing, and it babbles your teeth, and you got chapping lips (we all know how camping during the winter will look like, it going to freezing outside and inside your tent).

But, however; you should be happy as there are gadgets that can help you combat cold off your tent, it’s called “hot tent stove, or tent heater”. However, tent stoves are used to help you keep your tent warm, and at the same time have that your favorite meal cooked, boil water for your coffee, and still have your clothes dry. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it’s!

Please, note: if you are the type that loves camping during the winter, I will advise you to lay your hand on this kind of stove, and it’s highly recommended.

Before we proceed here are some factors to consider before choosing The Best Tent Stove for your needs.

However, choosing the right tent stove for your needs could be a bit tug of war, and can be more judiciously difficult due to the fact that there is a description of options available online with unique features. And with this, many manufacturers are just trying their best to persuade you to buy their product without giving an in-depth review.

However, we’ve gathered in details insight and a comprehensive guide of some critical things you may consider before picking any stove for your choice:

  1. The Campsite: before picking a wood tent stove, one of the most important things to consider is your campsite, that’s the area in which you are going to be camping. You need to check out their law regarding wood burning, if there is a ban or not. When there is no ban, you’re good to go. Also, if you want to stay in a snowy area, then it’s advisable you go for a stove that could run at low temperatures. Read the instruction from the manufacture, to get more insight. However, if you going to be camping in a give-up area (desert), the reverse is the case as you won’t need a wood stove, your normal propane stove will actually be more efficient.
  2. Duration: However, this isn’t necessary when you have enough wood to carry along, but in the event that you want to gather wood around the campsite, this could be a tug of war. However, considering how long you want to spend while camping and bring enough wood that will be enough could have been a better option. For instance, if you bring along 10 to 20 pieces of a log of wood on a weekend adventure, with this you might not run out of woods. However, when you want to spend weeks adventuring nature, in a place where you can find wood easily, then wood stoves in this sense are more of a better choice for you.
  3. Weight: you want a wood-burning stove for a tent, you aren’t going camping with your car, don’t you think it’s very much important to check your weight, to make sure you aren’t carrying extra weight or much. As a rule of thumb, you should pay much attention to the mass of the stove itself. Check out the manufacture’s description for the weight. Also, while you want to cut down weight, then you might also go for an eco-friendly stove.

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And another thing to consider is “how many square feet will a wood-burning stove heat?”

This is very essential, in the sense that before buying any wood-burning stove, you should consider the square feet of your tent. You need to figure out which size wood stove is right for your need. However; you should check the length and the width of your tent, afterward multiply these, and add-up to give you the total square feet. However, wood stoves are categories into three different sizes, which include small, medium, and large. For the smallest size for tent heating stove, you should be able to heat up to “1200 square feet”, and for the medium-sized, you will be able to heat up to “2150 square feet”, and last, with the largest sized, your wood-burning stove should heat up to “to 3100 square feet”. However, determine the square feet isn’t just enough for you to decide about the stove to get, but you should consider also the above option.

The best wood stove for a hot tent, 5 Top Pick.

1. Goture Hot Tent Stove. (Overall Best, and Our Best Pick)
2. TMS Military Wood Stove (Tent Heater). (Best Budget Option)
3 Danchel Tent Wood-Burning Stove. (Longest Burning Wood Stove)
4. US Tent Heater Caribou Camp Stove. (Best Lightweight Tent Stove)
5. Fltom Wood Burning Tent Stove. (Best Tent Stove for Survivalists)


1. Goture Hot Tent Stove.

Camping in a snowy area, you really need this stove to help you keep your tent warmth, and same time cook your meals. This is a portable wood-burning stove, with heat resistance. One thing I so much love about this stove is the portability, and it’s lightweight. However, for does asking about “what is the best wood stove for a hot tent”, I have to recommend the “Goture Hot Tent”, this is a wood-burning stove that can fit in your “yurt, canvas tent, and also can be used for cooking and grilling in your backyard or beach”. With the portability and the detachable legs, can be used while standing and on a flat surface (ground, not on a table).

Amazing multi-purpose stove, however; apart from keeping your camping tent warm, the top flat surface is designed to make all cooking and boiling easier. But not just that it offers cooking space and provide warmth, this stove feature amazing “heat resistant paint” that could hold off up to 1202℉(650℃) with no nasty smell or color fading, and a “heat resistant glass”, that can withstand up to 2192℉ (1200℃)… isn’t that amazing? It’s for a wood-burning stove, and can be used inside a tent… this is a system for a range of outdoor activities, designed for keeping your tent warmth, and cooking. Check out Amazon for the best deal, click here.



  • Comes with a removable top plate and supports cooking directly on flames.
  • The body material, (Stainless Steel) helps provide as much heat as needed.
  • Portability and it’s lightweight, an approximate [24.3 lbs (11 kg)]


  • You can only remove unwanted charcoal or ash after use.
  • Using water to put off the flame, or cool the stove will damage the body material.

2. TMS Military Wood Stove (Tent Heater).

While camping on a cold winter, and it continues to snow, one of the greatest stove you can have is the “TMS Military Wood Stove”. This is an amazing tent heater, at the same will cook your favorite meals. Not only that, it will make cooking easier, but also a great dryer for your gear, warm up your shelter, your hands, and feet during a cold winter’s night. Everything is just amazing about this stove, the portability and it’s lightweight that makes it easier to transport in your car or carry with hand to your campsite.

Just like no other, with the top ample space, you can cook more tasty dishes and enjoy with a group. After cooking, with a single push, you can rotate the cooking top outward and used it to dry your gears. However, if you are camping in a place where open fires aren’t allowed, this stove could be your best alternative. However, support for an outfitters tent usage with a stovepipe vent.

Cooking foods or tent warming not only made easy with this stove, also features detachable legs and can be used on a ground surface. An amazing front and rear regulator that allows proper airflow to keep the flame burning, and with a single push bottom that lets you clean out the ash after usage. With enough space inside, this stove can hold all of its gears such as the pipes, side tubes, legs, to fit inside the stove for easy transport. Available on Amazon, check out for the best deal, click here.


  • All necessary tools needed for this stove to work effectively are included.
  • Comes with a pipe cap to help prevent snow from falling on the top.
  • The super-strong body material steel helps produce more heat to warm up the tent.
  • Portability and it’s lightweight, an approximate [24.65 lbs (11.18 kg)]
  • Easy to set up.


  • The stove bag not included
  • Stove kettle also not included

3 Danchel Tent Wood-Burning Stove.

Want to heat your tent, cook your meals, and carry less weight? Here is the kind of stove you need, I will recommend this stove for its portability and lightweight. With a portable open size body. Amazing stove with multi-purpose such as a glass window that allows you to see the condition of the flame from outside, without opening the door. This stove has made cooking and heating your tent easier, as the stove can fit in small spaces in your “canvas tents, tipi, or yurts”. However, this has been one of the best stove to carry along while camping, hiking, or hunting.

Amazing body material with an anti-rust built with (Stainless Steel). With the sturdy, this stove can withstand any harsh climate. Amazing chimney pipe with water resistance cap made of 201 flexible iron. Support double packing boxes for additional protection and reduces the damage. Check out Amazon for the best deal, click here.


  • Amazing lightweight wood-burning stove an approximate [22lbs (9.98 kg)]
  • waterproof tube cap.
  • Easy to set up.


  • The price isn’t eco-friendly.

4. US Tent Heater Caribou Camp Stove.

Bringing our amazing home chimney idea to outdoor life has been very much easier with the “US Caribou Hot Tent Stoves”, this is a portable stove designed to meet up with your needs and with all the necessary features that make it more perfect for your outdoor life. An excellent lightweight stove, with easy to package that allows you to carry along. However; if you will camp in a campsite whereby open fire isn’t allowed, this stove could be your best option.

The detachable legs and racks make it more portable and can be used on a ground surface. While you keep your tent warm, you can cook your meals as well, and lastly, you can dry your gloves, socks, and napkin after soggy hiking with the side racks included. After usage, you can easily fold up the racks and use them as a handle to carry along. Check out Amazon for the best deal, click here.


  • Chimney parts included with carrying case.
  • Best lightweight hot tent stove an approximate [18 pounds (8.2 kg)]


  • Nill

5. Fltom Wood Burning Tent Stove.

Snow camping could be more interesting when you got the right tent heater for your needs, with the “Fltom Wood Burning Tent Stove”, you can produce more heat at the highest output. With this stove, you can reach a maximum temperature to help you provide amazing warmth around your shelter, and with the flat top that allows you to cook your favorite meals in no time. However, with the amazing height and the diameter of the sectional pipes, you can go higher as it comes with 6 pieces pipe, of which the heights are adjustable to suit any kind of space, such as the “tipi-tent, canvas tents, yurts, or tiny house”.

This is an amazing stove for a hot tent and very easy to use, safe as it uses natural fuel sources such as “firewood, twigs, charcoal, and wood chips”. However, with the detachable legs and for its portability, this stove adopts easy removable and collapsible legs and can be used on a ground surface. This is one of the best tent stove you can have, as you don’t need to leave the appropriate space of your tent to cook or boil water for your coffee. Check out Amazon for the best deal, click here.


  • Amazing body material, carbon, and stainless steel flue pipe.
  • Easy sliding intake control for adjustable airflow and wood burning.
  • Portability and it’s lightweight, an approximate [23.1 lbs (10.48 kg)]


  • You need gloves when assembling this stove, there are sharp edges on the pipes as this can cut you.