What are The Benefits of Using A Camp Stove on An Outing Vs A Charcoal or Wood Fire?

camp stove cooking, What are The Benefits of Using A Camp Stove on An Outing Vs A Charcoal or Wood Fire?

Camp stove cooking

It’s been a while since you go camping or hiking, now preparing for your next outing, and you want to get all the needed gear available. Getting to the market, you find out there are different kinds of stoves with different burning sources. But; however, you like to choose between a gas camp stove and a charcoal or wood-burning stove, now you asked: “what are the benefits of using a camp stove vs a charcoal or wood fire?”

campfire cooking, What are The Benefits of Using A Camp Stove on An Outing Vs A Charcoal or Wood Fire?

Campfire cooking

The simple answer to what are the benefits of using a camp stove on an outing vs a charcoal or wood fire? Is due to the fact that a camping stove is far better, easy to use, does not take time, safe for your health… much more than charcoal or wood-burning stove.

Charcoal camp stove cooking, What are The Benefits of Using A Camp Stove on An Outing Vs A Charcoal or Wood Fire?

Charcoal camp stove cooking

Let dig deep… if you really don’t know which to choose between a camping stove, and not charcoal or wood stove, this post is for you, as we are going to be highlighting some of the benefits of using a camping stove over charcoal or a wood-burning.

Don’t forget, we aren’t saying firewood or charcoal isn’t ok, in fact; these two are the best alternative for camping or backpacking stoves, however; you only a camp or backpacking stoves when you don’t want to burn firewood or use a campfire, meaning you are bringing along foods that need to be cooked, and not BBQ (meanwhile, you can also do all your cooking with a wood burner stove) or you want to go camping or hiking in a remote area where wood burn may be banned.

With these, you will need a gas or alcohol camping stove, however; if you aren’t camping in a place where burning wood isn’t banned, you still have to burn wood for a campfire. So, your camping stove is definitely cool for camping to explore all of your cooking abilities. Now, let get back to the main question asked “what are the benefits of using a camp stove vs a charcoal or wood fire?”, afterward; and at the end of this post, you’ll come to understand why a camp stove is more beneficial and you have your decision to make whether charcoal or wood are better than the camp stove or not.

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What are The Benefits of Using a Camping Stove?

To get started, we need to highlight some of the benefits of using a camping stove, as these will help us decide what to bring while on the go…

  1. One of the main reasons why we all choose a fuel-based camp stove over any other stoves option is easy ignition, for most stoves are a built-in match or a lighter ignited, however, you don’t need to worry about the condition of the Werther as your stove will still work just fine with the self-igniting add-on for most fuel-based camp stoves.
  2. Cooking has been made very easy with a camp stove, and you don’t need to worry about your food smelling smoke as it cooks food evenly.
  3. Nothing is different, and no special skills required, it makes cooking easy as cooking with your camp stove is just the same as cooking with your gas stove in your kitchen at home.
  4. The most amazing part of it is the variable heat control, you have control over the heat output and it’s easy to change from low to high or otherwise by controlling how much fuel you want to burn.

What is The Difference Between A Wood-burning Stove and A Multi-fuel Stove?

This is quite simple, and to cut it short… (a multi-fuel camp stove are stoves with a great source of heat and are capable of burning both solid and logs, unlike a wood-burning stove that uses only wood as its only source of heat). However, both camp stoves and wood-burning are excellent at making cooking easier while on the go.

Benefits of Using a Camping Stove Over A Wood-burning Stove.

  1. One thing I love about using a camping stove is that they don’t make any mess on your cooking wear while burning, and it will throw no ash upon your waffles.
  2. You don’t have to worry about the ban in effect, as many campsites allow camping stoves, however; it’s advisable you check out rules around your campsite so as to help you determine if there is a ban or any restrictions.
  3. If I won’t consider all other benefits, for the fact that getting firewood in most cases could be a tug of war, and from my previous experience during the last camping when our stove breaks down, after spending hours looking for firewood, we had to spend another hour getting it burns because of the bad Werther.

What are The Advantages of Using Charcoal Over Wood?

Considering the fact that camping stove is far better wood burning, now you ask, “What is the advantage of charcoal over wood?” However, there is nothing much to say here, but here are a few benefits of using charcoal over wood:

  1. The ignition, according to test, made on both options. We find out that charcoal has a very low ignition heat as compared to wood.
  2. The risk of carbon monoxide, burning charcoal will help produces a less risk of this than burning wood.
  3. However, charcoal burns at a higher temperature compared to firewood, with no ash or unburnt volatiles.
  4. For a general test on productivity, charcoal will produce almost twice the heat produced by wood, even if the same amount of charcoal and wood are to be burnt.

In conclusion:

Now that you now have a bit more knowledge about some of the benefits of using camping stove over a wood-burning or charcoal, and also we have included some of the advantages of camping stoves, with some comparisons among them, now you should get the right camping stove for your needs (you can check out our reviewed post about the best camping stove).

However, as for us, we strongly recommend you to have a camping stove, instead of a firewood or charcoal stove. However, it’s also nice you get either of the second options for a backup in case your camping stove isn’t coming up.