Can You Use A Propane Fire Pit When There is a Fire Ban?


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Are Propane Fire Pits Allowed During Fire Ban

If you love the outdoors as much as we do, then you will have probably heard of the fire ban that has been in effect for the past years. In this post, we would cover everything related to a propane fire pit. It is something that comes up every year. So what exactly is a fire ban? Basically, it means no fire out in an open area, and this helps to limit fire outbreaks.

A propane fire pit is an impressive addition to a patio area, but what happens when there is a fire ban? While it may tempt to ignore a fire ban, it is important to know that ignoring a fire ban can cause a visit from local authorities. For does asking whether can you use a propane fire pit when there is a fire ban? YES! Propane fire pits are an excellent addon. You can enjoy the outdoors by using your propane fire pit. As it uses the same technology as your camping stove, and it burns at a similar temperature. The only difference is that you won’t have to worry about the smoke or sparks that come with an open fire. However; since you can still put off the fire, rather than putting it out openly.


However, a propane fire pit is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, especially on wintry nights. It also helps keep you warm. However, that doesn’t mean you can break fire ban laws whenever you want. Many people think that propane fire pits are exempt from fire bans, but this is simply not the case. However; some campsites might include this, if you want to use a fire pit, you need to know which fire bans apply to your campsite and when you’re able to use them.

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Is A Propane Fire Pit Considered Open Burning? What You Should Consider

As temperatures continue to cool toward the end of the season, you may plan to fire up the old camp stove outside of the camping season. The problem is whether it is okay to use a fire pit during a fire ban. Is a propane fire pit an open fire? There’s a lot of information about propane fire pits on the internet. A lot of people assume that any propane fire pit that uses a full tank of propane as a burn chamber is “open fire.” The simple answer is NO!, but you cannot use a propane fire pit during a fire ban in some campsites such as Badoura state forest, Big fork state forest, and many more. But, however; when there is no way forward, you can use a propane fire pit during a fire ban, but you should follow these steps:

Propane Fire Pit Legality

This article informs you of some of the most important fire pit laws you must know about before you decide to purchase one for your outdoor use. Under the law, they require that outdoor fire pits or fire bowls must have a screen in place that is at least 4 inches high. Therefore, you do not want a fire pit that does not have a screen in place. They make the screen steel, ceramic, or metal. The rule of thumb is to not use your propane fire pit if the wind is blowing over 10 miles per hour. It is not safe to use them at all if the wind is blowing over 15 miles per hour.

However, the propane fire pit should be legal in most states as long as you have the right permit and place it in the right location. Propane fire pits are also very safe to use. They differ greatly from open fire pits because they are enclosed and do not burn out of control. If you keep your propane fire pit maintained properly, you should have no problems with the local fire dept.

Advantages of a propane fire pit

A campfire is a fun way to relax and bond with friends and family, but it has some drawbacks. For starters, you have to get a permit from the forest service; you need a shovel to start it, and it takes a while to get it going. Propane fire pits make campfire a lot easier. There are many benefits to using a fire pit. First, it is easy to light and use. Just turn the knob for a pre-set mode and push the start button. The flame will ignite quickly and you will have a warm, crackling fire. If you don’t like the flame height or color, you can turn the regulator to adjust the propane flow to get exactly what you want. Another outstanding feature of a propane fire pit is that you don’t have to add wood. It is one of the few fire pits that can burn with just the propane. There are several advantages of a propane fire pit, and they are:

    1. Propane fire pits never need to be refueled, so you never have to worry about forgetting to get more propane.
    2. Someone can start quickly propane fire pits, so you can enjoy your fire pit almost immediately
    3. We can use propane fire pits in almost any weather.
    4. Propane fire pits are very easy to clean.
    5. Propane fire pits do not require an extensive amount of space.
    6. Propane fire pits are not very expensive.

Disadvantages of a propane fire pit

If you have been trying to decide whether a fire pit is right for you, it is time to weigh the options. Propane fire pits can be exquisite to look at, and they can be a source of superb entertainment for the entire family while camping. However, there are some downsides to consider. The best advice is to consider how you will use the fire pit before you invest money in one. Although propane fire pits are convenient and efficient, they have some disadvantages that you should know before you rush out and buy one. Propane fire pits can be set up almost anywhere, but you will need to run a propane line to it, and this can be costly, as well as the process can be complicated. Also, if you have a propane fire pit, you will need to buy propane regularly to keep it running, and you will also need to protect the fire pit from the wet weather to prevent it from rusting. Another disadvantage of it is that they can be quite expensive, depending on the size of the fire pit.

Alternatives to a propane fire pit.

We’re all familiar with the traditional propane fire pit—that big, clunky metal box that gets hot enough to roast marshmallows and other food. While they can be fun, they have one major drawback: They’re inefficient. Most of the heat they produce goes straight into the air rather than into your food, and it can be a pain to move around. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to propane fire pits out there. The best one for you depends on your exact needs.

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Can You Use A Propane Fire Pit During A Fire Ban in Ontario?

As any seasoned camper knows, it’s important to check with local park authorities before you light that campfire. Some parks have strict no-burning rules, especially if it is a dry summer, and you don’t want to get caught with your flame rocks in a park with a ban. So if you’re planning on getting a fire pit for your next camping, it makes sense to check local park rules before you buy.

Asking if you can use a propane fire pit during a fire ban in Ontario? As a matter of fact, you should be able to, because propane fire pits don’t create open flames; they just create a heat source. They also don’t use wood, so they don’t create smoke. So, if you want to use a propane fire pit during a fire ban in Ontario? Well, you’re going to need to dig deep, because it’s actually technically illegal to do so.

The Ontario Fire Code is pretty clear on this matter: “No person shall light or maintain, or cause to be lighted or maintained, a fire in or near a forest or an area subject to bushfires.” So, first of all, you’re going to need to define “in or near.” You have to be at least 30 meters from forested areas and one meter from grass and brush in order to have a fire. Any fire must also be contained within a pit (no cans or barrels) that is at least.

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Can You Use A Propane Fire Pit During The Fire Ban In Colorado?

Since the fire ban in Colorado State was lifted, they have flooded us with campers asking if it is safe to use a propane fire pit during the ban. There has been no report of the fire ban being reinstated, so we can only assume that the ban is officially over. Although you can use a propane fire pit during a fire ban in Colorado, there are a few things you should know before lighting up your gas fire pit.

First, make sure you have enough propane to fight the cold, as the best way to stay warm around a gas fire pit is to stay warm and cozy next to it. Second, if you’ve never used a gas fire pit before, don’t buy one during a fire ban. It may tempt to buy one now, but it will be more useful on a warm night in the spring or summer. And last, make sure you have a fire extinguisher in hand. Although they rarely need to be used, and you never want to leave a fire unattended.

So if you ask, “are propane fire pits allowed during fire ban Colorado?” With that said above, we would like to encourage our readers to be aware of the local fire department’s rules and regulations, so that they can avoid getting into any trouble. As an example, here are the “Park County Fire Office’s official rules on the use of propane fire pits during a fire ban: “During the fire ban, open fire pits, including those fueled by propane, will not be allowed. Open fire pits remain prohibited at all times”.

After all, a propane fire pit is pretty fun to use. But we want to make sure that everyone here is using their fire pits safely to ensure they don’t have any issues. After all, you never know when a fire ban is going to pop up, and you definitely don’t want to be caught in the middle of one with a fire pit that has been used during the ban. You can find out more about Colorado Fire-Restriction Information.

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Can You Use A Propane Fire Pit During A Fire Ban In Alberta?

Propane is the most popular fuel source for campfire pits in Alberta and all across Canada. If you have ever wondered if you can use a propane fire pit during a fire ban, this section of this article has the answers you need. Some fire bans in Alberta are seasonal. With a fire ban, you may not have a fire pit of any type. But that does not mean you cannot still use your propane to cook.

All you have to do is switch to a different type of fuel source. While a fire ban prohibits the use of stoves and open fires or fire pits within a certain area, that doesn’t mean you can’t cook with one of these portable propane stoves. These stoves burn propane, which is a gas, and thus you can still use your camp stove during a fire ban, so long as you use it properly. Find out more about Alberta fire law.

Can You Use A Propane Fire Pit During A Fire Ban In BC

Propane fires are a wintertime staple in many rural households across BC. To ensure the safety of BC residents, municipalities often regulate fire pits. In most cases, they required a permit to light a propane fire, and the most common regulations apply to the use of the pit for cooking. However; The BC Wildfire Service is reminding the public that open burning of any material is not allowed within or outside of 100 meters of an open fire pit. This includes burning piles of wood, brush, wood waste, leaves, grass, manure, paper, plastics, yard waste, bones, animal waste, ashes, or other waste. Nevertheless; This prohibition does not apply to cooking stoves that use gas, propane, or briquettes.

Final Thought

In conclusion, don’t use it if it’s not permitted, because you can harm your neighbor’s vegetation, start a fire, or injure your guests. If you’re not sure, be safe. There are many other uses for propane fire pits that are allowed to be used during fire bans, so use them instead. However; if you want to enjoy the beauty and romance of a fire pit, you should look at purchasing a tankless propane fire pit. Tankless fire pits eliminate the need to buy and store large amounts of propane gas to keep your fire burning all night long. You can turn your tankless fire pit on whenever you want to use it. This eliminates the need for you to buy propane, store it, and make sure you have enough gas to last for several days.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to have a fire pit in the backyard where I can just spend the nights jamming with my husband and kids. It’s great that we can have one of those with a propane fire pit along with all the other benefits it provides. It’s a shame it can’t be used during a fire ban, but those rarely happen anyway so I guess it won’t be a problem. I’ll have to look into getting one installed and hiring a propane gas delivery service to deliver fuel to our place. With winter on it’s way it’d be super fun to spend a night or two camped around it with my family like I used to do with my father decades before.


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