Soda Can Camping Stove

Soda can stoves are so fun and easy to use. They are perfect for camping, car camping, hiking, backpacking, or any other outdoor adventure. They are a very simple and efficient design and are straightforward.

Even though soda can stoves are most common in the US, there are still a lot of people that have never seen one. They can use the common bottles used for gas for these stoves, but the most common ones are aluminum cans. These can be thrown away and can be reused multiple times. These stoves burn very hot and are a very efficient alternative to wood-burning stoves.

Soda can stoves are great for camping because they’re compact, lightweight, and efficient. They’re also cheap and easy to make and can be purchased at most garden supply stores and hardware stores.

How Long Does a Soda Can Stove Burn

How long does a soda can stove last? We’re not talking about a disposable aluminum can. We’re talking about a stove made from a soda can you might have at home. The first thing you need to know is that any kind of stove can last for years, especially in a well-maintained condition. That’s because, in order to keep a stove burning, you need to regularly check how well it is burning and make sure there’s always a good supply of fuel. However, considering the fact that the environment such as temperature and wind, for every “ONE ounce will burn about 10-12 minutes on average”.

How Do you Light a Soda Can on The Stove?

Pour a few milliliters of alcohol into a Coke can and place it on top of the fuel port. Fill the rim of the metal lid with a tiny amount of fuel to prime the stove. Place the pot stand around the burner and light the fuel in the lid and the soda can. Place the pot on the stand once the flames have appeared from the burner holes.

The flame is usually about the size of a tea light candle, but with a little more flame to it. You can use these for coffee, boiling water, and even to heat up a can of soup. They’re also very inexpensive, so anyone interested should check out the Soda Can Stove.

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What Fuel Does a Soda Can Stove Use?

The soda can stove heats and cooks your food with pure alcohol. It may be bought in most pharmacies for a cheap price as rubbing alcohol, medical alcohol, or surgical spirits, and is by far the cheapest option to fuel a burner.