How Much Propane Does A Single Burner Stove Use


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How Much Propane Does A Camping Stove Use

Cooking food in a single burner camp stove can be challenging, but it can be done! People who have never used a camp stove before may not realize that there are different propane burners, like the Coleman Classic Propane 2-burner and the Coleman Triton Propane 2-burner compact, which come in different sizes. The most common of these is the Coleman single burner, “Coleman Portable Bottletop”, which is the smallest of the Coleman burners and has a maximum flame size of 10,000 BTUs.

Propane camp stoves are great for cooking outdoors; they are easy to use and ignite. But when you are cooking a big meal, you will usually run out of propane before you have finished cooking. You can also run out of propane when you are cooking for just one person and the flame isn’t as high as it could be. What to do?

Now, you ask “how much propane does a single burner camp stove use?” With the burner set to high, a regular 16-ounce propane cylinder will last at least 5 hours, 30 minutes of propane. You should be able to figure out how much propane you’ll need for your single burner stove before embarking on your camping or hiking trip using this information.

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How Much Propane Does A Single Burner Stove Use Per Day

Is there something that you want to know about propane camp stoves? Or do you have a question about the use of propane for camp stoves? Then look no further, as we are here to help with the answers.

Propane camp stoves are one of the most talked-about topics amongst people who enjoy camping out. It is not surprising, considering that propane camp stoves offer a lot of benefits to the user, such as an efficient heat source, as well as being easy to use, and they are also relatively inexpensive.

Btu Rating For Burner
Propane Cylinder Size (lbs)
Propane Cylinder Contains Approx. Btu-Hours
Approx. Burn Time
10,000 16 oz (1lbs) 21,594 BTU/H 2.16 Hours
20,000 16 oz (1lbs) 21,594 BTU/H 1.08 Hours
30,000 16 oz (1lbs) 21,594 BTU/H 0.72 Hours
40,000 16 oz (1lbs) 21,594 BTU/H 0.54 Hours
50,000 16 oz (1lbs) 21,594 BTU/H 0.43 Hours
60,000 16 oz (1lbs) 21,594 BTU/H 0.30 Hours


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How Much Propane Does A Single Burner Stove Use Per Month

If you’re like most people, you use your propane camp stove only a few times every year. You get it hooked up, and it does its job. Then, you store it away and use it next winter.

But how much propane does it use each year? And how many gallons are you using? Well, I’ve bought three different model camp stoves that all burn propane.

So, I have a good idea of each model stove uses how much propane. I’ve calculated how much propane each stove uses for the month, a year, and over the course of a decade.

However, in a month, you should use at least 15 – 20 cylinders of 16 oz (1lbs) propane. The below table should help you calculate the amount of propane a single burner camping stove will use per month.

Btu Rating For Burner
Propane Cylinder Size (lbs)
Propane Cylinder Contains Approx. Btu-Hours
Approx. Burn Time
10,000 320 oz (20lbs) 431,880 BTU/H 43.19 Hours
20,000 320 oz (20lbs) 431,880 BTU/H 21.59 Hours
30,000 320 oz (20lbs) 431,880 BTU/H 14.40 Hours
40,000 320 oz (20lbs) 431,880 BTU/H 10.80 Hours
50,000 320 oz (20lbs) 431,880 BTU/H 8.64 Hours
60,000 320 oz (20lbs) 431,880 BTU/H 7.20 Hours


“Credit: Table from Propane Burn Time Calculator

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about how much propane I may end up using. We just bought a propane grill and plan to hold a barbeque for a few of our friends here at home and we’re not sure how much we need to order. It’s good to know that we will need sixteen oz of propane per month. Though since we are planning to hold a few gatherings over the next few weeks, it may be a good idea to order double that amount from a propane delivery service.


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