How Much Fuel Does An Alcohol Stove Use? and The Best Fuel.


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How much fuel does an alcohol stove use?

Going camping, hiking, or backpacking with an alcohol-based stove could be somewhat interesting, but how do you determine “how much fuel does an alcohol stove use?”, this could be quite a problem right… Never mind, we will help. As a matter of fact, determine how much fuel will an alcoholic stove use solely depends on different conditions and facts.

Camping alcohol stove standing on white background.

One of the major factors included in the stove’s windshield design, as well as the type of pot or wok you are using. From novel experience and testing, I would rather recommend that for every 5OZ of alcohol, you will be able to boil at 2.8L with your stove’s windshield in pleasant condition.

However, as I will always say when you get a new camping stove, try to run a test of it at home before embarking on your trip… Test out for boiling water and cooking meals. Try out different recipes and make sure you’re OK with this experience, with this you can tell how efficiently your stove will work while camping.

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What is the best fuel for an alcohol stove?

You got the best alcohol stove on the go, but “what is the best fuel for an alcohol stove?” you asked… However, this depends mostly on your choice, and you choose to consider availability as well. However, in this post, we’ll discuss more on the most commonly used fuel for an alcohol stove.

Denatured fuel for an alcohol stove.

This has been one of the most commonly used fuels for an alcohol stove. The denatured is basically ethanol with about 5% of additives, most especially methanol, which makes it undrinkable alcohol. However, methanol has been said to be poisonous, nevertheless; there is often violet dye that could be added with other substances to help make the alcohol very unpleasant.

Denatured alcohol, which is also known as “methylated spirits” in some parts of the world, however; many use it as a cleaning force, fuel additive, sanding aid, exterminator, and as a solvent. it’s not expensive, cost about $5 per liter, and $24 per gallon.

However, this has been one of the most commonly used and best fuel for your alcoholic camping stove. Denatured alcoholic fuel for camp or backpack stove is probably the most brightest alcohol fuel when you are on the go. (01)

Heet Yellow fuel for alcoholic camping stoves.

Heet yellow is however a chemical widely used to remove water substances from freezing gas-lines. Though this isn’t our business, basically, HEET contains at least 100 percent of methanol. However, for campers around the United States, this is widely available for your alcohol-based stoves. Not just for its availability, but also it is an efficient and friendly price. For its 12oz bottle cost around about $2.29, and per liter cost $5 to $7, while a gallon is around $30 to $35.

Everclear as camp/backpack stoves fuel.

Everclear, this is quite a drinkable alcohol with no side effects or any toxic additives. This is around 95 percent of ethanol, however; when buying an alcohol-based stove using Everclear as a fuel source, you should check out for its availability, as this is very important.

With this fuel, it can go a long way, and it is more costly than the Denatured or Heet. However, it’s quite safer, no toxic seethes and burns amazingly. For the price, it cost about $30 per liter and $135 per gallon.

In Conclusion.

As per answering questions about how much fuel does an alcohol stove use? And what is the best fuel for an alcohol stove? Now you should be able to determine the amount of fuel you need and the best fuel for an alcohol stove. However, don’t forget the main factor to look at, which are:

  • Methanol: this is highly toxic, and could be poisonous and least efficient, cheaper, and widely available.
  • Ethanol: This is quite the most safest, and more efficient for cooking and drinkable in its pure form, however; it’s also quite expensive.

However, using alcohol as fuel sources could be a bit more difficult, as it rarely makes them for the main purpose of being use as a fuel source for your camp stoves.

As per a pure ethanol, which will be a great option and most safe and very much efficient as heat source for all your cooking and boiling while on the go…

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