Gas One Vs Coleman, Which Is Best For Camping/Backpacking?


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Gas One GS-3400P Camping Stove Vs Coleman Camping Stove

Gas One vs Coleman: which is the best for camping? This is an important question to ask, and depending on your answer, you may look at a $150 difference in price.

Gas One and Coleman make two of the most popular camp stoves on the market today, and both offer a variety of outstanding features and benefits to consider.

The main difference between the two stoves is that Coleman offers a larger and more versatile stove, while Gas One is more compact and comes with a wider array of accessories. However, Gas One is better for many reasons, such as a higher BTU rating, but still has a long way to go before it dethrones Coleman as the best in the industry, but both stoves are great to start with.

Perhaps you just want to keep it simple and get a reliable stove that will get the job done. So, which one should you buy? Check out below for a detailed comparison between the Gas One and the Coleman camp stove and decide for yourself.

A few years ago I was on the fence about which propane stove I should buy. I was researching between Gas One and Coleman Stove; I ended up buying a Coleman. From the start, it thrilled me with it.

It worked great, was easy to use, and had an impressive design. Unfortunately, after a few years, I bought a new stove. This time I went with Gas One Stove.

I liked the fact that they use a steel canister instead of a plastic container and the dual fuel option. I also liked the fact that they are designed to be used with safety features.

Now, let’s ride on… however; I have to use both stoves and I can tell you the amazing benefit of these two camping stoves, and with my experience, I can tell you which is best for the value of your money.

Coleman Portable Camping Stove

Coleman Portable Camping Stove

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Coleman Stoves are lightweight, compact camping stoves that are easy to start and operate even when the weather is cold. Useful for any outdoor enthusiast, these stoves are great for camping, hiking, boating, and even car camping.

This Coleman Portable Butane Stove is ready for any camping trip and conveniently sets up on any outdoor surface.

With an 8.8 oz. butane cylinder attached, you may cook for up to 1.25 hours with up to 7,650 BTUs of power. The porcelain-coated grate is easy to clean, as is the rust-proof aluminum burner and the enameled steel exterior.

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Pros As Per Top Positive Review

Coleman 1-Burner. Butane Stove runs off butane instead of propane like many other camp stoves. Easy to hook up and easy to operate – you don’t have to thread/twist the canister on. Great for camping, boating, backyard BBQ, or emergency cooking when your power goes out.

Cons As Per Top Critical Review

Good price for a name-branded butane stove. Flimsy, lightweight materials; cheaply made; parts fit together poorly.

Sits unsteadily on a flat, level surface: rocks back and forth on its feet. Smells badly of cheap plastic and uncured paint when unpacked.

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Customer Reviews By Feature

Value for money 95%
Durability 93%
Heat output 90%
Stability 89%
Portability 89%
Lightweight 89%
Versatility 88%
Easy to use 88%
Sturdiness 85%
Easy to assemble 83%
Easy to clean 83%


Can This Be Used In Cold Weather?

We are camping for a week this fall, so I bought a new stove. I spent a lot of time deciding which one to get and finally settled on a Coleman Portable Butane Stove.

I say “settled” because I ended up buying another one in the end. The reason was that I needed a stove that could be used in the rain. “Would you be able to use it in cold weather? NO! But; however, this depends on how cold it is.

Butane does not work well below 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose a gas stove if you need a steady temperature of approximately freezing or below.

Does It Come With The Butane?

One question we get asked a lot (and one that we often forget to ask ourselves) is “does it come with the butane?” Most of the time, the answer is yes, but we also hear of cases where the answer is no, and we’re baffled because we expect all stoves to come with butane.

However; for this Coleman stove, you need the butane separately as it does not come with one. Butane costs around $4.09 per can at the retailer shops, but I found 15 cans on Amazon for $34.99. Excellent offer, check here!

Can These Stoves Be Used Indoors?

I don’t see any reason it couldn’t be used indoors or inside your tents. It, like a gas stove, has an adjustable flame.

However, you should not use it in a poorly ventilated space. Nevertheless, Coleman itself says that a “one-burner stove is exclusively recommended for outdoor use”.

For the fear of carbon monoxide, you should get a carbon monoxide detector that should be used whenever a fuel-burning device is used indoors.

Gas ONE GS-3400P Portable Camping Stove

Gas ONE GS-3400P Portable Camping Stove

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If you’re a camper, you’ll know for a fact that a quality camping stove means a lot of things: a nice stove, a nice stove burner, a nice stove windscreen.

After all, who wants to have a nice stove burner ruined by a nasty windscreen? No one, that’s for certain.

It’s no secret that camping can get expensive, which makes it even more important that you have the right camping gear.

Gas ONE GS-3400P Portable Camping Stove might just be one of the best ideas you’ve ever thought of. This camping stove is the perfect solution for the avid camper looking for a lightweight, portable option.

The Gas ONE GS-3400P is an all-in-one stove that comes in either a collapsible or non-collapsible design. This stove burns both white gas and propane, making it great for any situation.

With an adjustable heat dial and automated piezo-electric ignition, the GS-3400P is simple to use. Camping, tailgating, outdoor cooking, and emergency preparedness are all possibilities. Cartridge Election Systems with Built-In Pressure Sensor and Gas Flow Cut-Off Mechanism (butane).

When an abnormal pressure is detected, it will eject the cartridge (propane). Cooking made easy, with up to 8,000 BTUs of power.

The GS-3400P Portable Dual Fuel Stove is the first in the Dual Series Line, but it will not be the last. Included is a repurposed regulator suitable for both propane and butane, so you’ll never be without options.

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Pros As Per Top Positive Review

Well-made, yet not overly weighty. It can handle pans up to 10 inches in diameter and has a very great range of burn from huge to very little, making it ideal for boiling rice.

GasOne is an excellent company; they stand by their products completely. The GS3400P included a hose for usage with 1LB propane bottles. I buy a case of 12 GasOne butane cans at a time and use them for convenience and quick setup.

Note: I’ve seen a stove on the market that looks exactly like this but doesn’t have the propane hose component. And I believe that having the choice of two fuels is critical.

Cons As Per Top Critical Review

The regulator blew, spraying propane across. The company was excellent, and they advised us to simply return it because we were within the return period and obtain a new stove. Everything else about the stove is wonderful.

It cooks well and can reach incredibly high temperatures when necessary. However, after about 2 weeks, it will leak propane even when turned off (totally stationary on a table), which is quite dangerous.

As soon as I saw the tank was leaking, I removed it and “lighted” the stove.

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Customer Reviews By Feature

Value for money 99%
Durability 99%
Heat output 97%
Stability 97%
Portability 95%
Lightweight 93%
Versatility 93%
Easy to use 93%
Sturdiness 90%
Easy to assemble 89%
Easy to clean 88%


How Big Is The Burner Size? Can I Use A 12″ Pan?

Gas One makes portable gas stoves. They’re compact and easy to use, and they’re good for hiking, tailgating, and many other outdoor activities.

We can use them on a small scale to cook for one person or several people at the same time. However; how big is the burner? It measures 11″ diagonally on just the grill section, and can hold a 12″ pan.

I have a 14-inch saucepan I used to cook crab outside, and it works flawlessly.

Can This Be Used With A Regular Propane Tank For The Grill?

GasOne’s GS-3400P is a portable propane camping stove that’s perfect for outdoor cooking and grilling, whether you’re camping or you just want to have a stove to boil water.

The stove is so lightweight and compact, you can easily take it camping or backpacking.

However; your tank or hose with a 1lb propane tank (male) fitting/adapter that fits onto the provided hose, or your tank’s hose with a fitting/adapter that goes straight onto this stove’s “threaded” fitting.

What Is The Effectivity Of The Stove At High Altitude?

The world of camping stoves is more than just a few different brands of the same thing. Cooking at high altitudes is a unique experience, and more than a few traits separate stoves from each other.

One of these is the size: some stoves simply don’t work as well at high altitudes as at low altitudes, and some work better than others.

However; I don’t have any experience with this GS-3400P’s high altitude performance. I have only used it at sea level. Another buyer stated that using the normal propane bottle resulted in an excellent performance at high altitudes.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a new camping stove, look no further. The Coleman Portable Stove [001] [001] and the Gas One GS-3400 Stove both do the job. Depending on your needs and budget, you may be better off with one or the other.

Gas One is better for many reasons. This is due to a higher BTU rating, a wider range of products, the ability to use the stove in extreme temperatures, and the ability to boil water faster. Gas One still has a long way to go before it dethrones Coleman as the best in the industry,  and a great stove to get started.

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