Coleman RoadTrip LXX vs LXE, What’s the Difference?


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Coleman RoadTrip LXE vs LXX Portable Propane Grill

The Coleman Roadtrip LXX vs. LXE are both portable grills that can be used at home or on the go. There’s a lot of confusion about this grill because it’s sold under several model names, depending on where you buy it.

This article will explain what each model is and help you decide which to buy for your cooking needs. The Coleman Roadtrip LXX is one of the most popular grills on Amazon.

It has a large cooking surface and can be used as a tabletop grill or with the stand included in the package. You can use a gas or charcoal grate to cook your food with this grill (or both).

The LXE has these same features but adds an electronic ignition system and two side tables. This makes it easier to set up when camping out of doors and being able to prepare food on a tabletop if needed…

The Difference Between Coleman LXX and LXE

If you’re looking for a portable propane grill to use at home or on the road, you may look at the Coleman RoadTrip line of grills. However, it’s difficult to understand the subtle differences between these popular models. Here’s what to look out for:

1. The LXX is one of the newer models, so it has a few more features than the LXE. For example, it has dual burners that can be controlled separately while the LXE only has one burner. It also comes with a grill extender that allows you to cook more food at once, and a removable cutting board that doubles as an extra tabletop when you need more space.

2. While the LXX is pricier than the LXE, it’s still competitively priced for its range of features. When you want to cook with your new grill right away, the LXX comes with everything you need (including adapters for standard 20 lb liquid propane tanks) while the LXE requires you to purchase some accessories separately.

Coleman LXE

Coleman’s LXE series is a grill designed for the people who want to take their grilling on the road—literally. Coleman has built a following by taking camping stoves and fuelling them with propane.

Propane, however, is only truly a brilliant solution if you’re going to have access to a tank. The LXE series takes Coleman’s new spirit-based fuel and turns it into a cooking solution that can be used almost anywhere.

Plus, it’s a grill that boasts the same amount of power as the company’s biggest gas grill, making it perfect for big get-togethers.

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Coleman LXX

Coleman is one of the most well-known names in camping gear, and the Coleman LXX Road Trip Dual Fuel Grill is the newest addition to the Coleman Road Trip grill family.

Compared to the LXE, the LXX model has more of the same, but now with a larger cooking surface, a more powerful burner, and a larger fuel tank than the LXX model.

What is the Difference Between the Coleman RoadTrip Grills?

Talking about what is the difference between Coleman LXX and LXE? The Coleman Road Trip LXE has a quick start ignition for grills. It works by having a piezoelectric starter that ignites the grill for you, which is a great time saver.

It also has a removable porcelain-coated warming rack that is in a slide-out drawer that is great for warming buns and just about anything else. This grill also has a large storage compartment for your tools and materials.

This grill is good for any occasion, such as RoadTrip, Backyard cooking, or camping. However, both are accurate models when it comes to the RoadTrip Coleman LXX vs LXE. Price and cooking power is the greatest difference.

They are very similar, but besides camping, the LXE is a more durable grill or picnic, while the LXX model is more of a conventional, compact camping grill. You can also check our post about (Coleman triton vs classic).

The Coleman LXE and the LXX are both portable propane grills that can be used for camping or tailgating. The LXE is a smaller, basic model that has less power than the LXX. If you are looking to cook more complex meals outdoors, there are additional features on the LXE that make it a better choice.


The Coleman LXE has two burners and an output of 20,000 BTU per hour. It has a total cooking surface of 285 square inches, which is larger than the LXX’s 285 square inches but smaller than its 360-square-inch primary cooking area. The LXX has three burners and an output of 20,000 BTUs per hour.


Both models have wheels for easy transportation between locations and foldable legs for compact storage when not in use. The LXE is lighter at 44 pounds versus the LXX’s 51 pounds. Both models also have metal side tables for prep space and storage shelves underneath the grill. The LXE has only one side table while the LXX has two.

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Both grills come with a standard one-year warranty from the manufacturer. They also come with a removable grease tray for easy cleanup and a matchless ignition.

They also designed both grills to easily accept Coleman’s RoadTrip SwapTop and interchangeable cooktops, which means you can purchase additional griddles, grills, and stoves (sold separately) to use with either grill.

Except for the griddle and stove, all RoadTrip® cooktop accessories are interchangeable between the LXE and LXX models. The LXE comes with two fold-up shelves for workspace when you need it, but folds down out of the way when you don’t.

The LXX has a single fold-down shelf that takes up less space when stored. The LXX fits nicely in our RV storage compartments, but if you’re looking for more workspace, you might upgrade to the LXE for its dual fold-up shelves.

The LXE comes standard with an oversized side table and a lid lock system that doubles as a stand for your cooking utensils when they’re not in use.


Both models are about 20 inches long x 28 inches high x 13 inches wide, but the LXE is a few pounds lighter than the LXX. That’s not a big difference, but it could be enough to matter if you’re planning on carrying your grill quite far from your car before setting up.

Consumer Reports and Expert Reviews


I purchased the Coleman LXX Road Trip Grill and have had it for almost a year now. I use it every week and it has proven to be an excellent choice for my camping/tailgating adventures.

I have cooked everything from burgers and steaks to chicken and pork chops, to kabobs and brats and hotdogs… everything cooks evenly.

I bought a rib rack that fits perfectly on this grill and I do several racks of ribs at a time. It is easy to keep clean and has held up great. The grill stores nicely in a garage or shed with the legs folded up and the cover over it to protect it.

If you want a good quality grill that is easy to use, store, transport, clean, etc., then this is the one for you!


My husband and I were planning a long camping trip with our boys, and we wanted to make sure we had everything we needed.

A grill was on the must-have list, but my hubby insisted it should be something portable and lightweight—because we would do plenty of hikes, he didn’t want to carry a heavy item all over the place.

We looked into several options before finding the Coleman LXE Road Trip Grill in Consumer Reports. It got high marks from reviewers, who noted its ease of use, portability, and relatively even cooking surface.

That it’s easy to store or transport was the main selling point for us, and we’re glad we took the plunge! It’s great for camping trips, obviously—but it’s also perfect for tailgating parties at football games or barbecues at a friend’s house.

The grill comes in two sizes (the larger version is called the “Family”), depending on how many people you’re cooking for—and while they both have fold-out legs and wheels so you can pull them like a piece of luggage, they’re also compact enough to fit in your car trunk.

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Coleman RoadTrip LXX vs LXE, Which Should I Buy?

If you’re in the market for a new grill, you’re probably looking at Coleman’s RoadTrip line of portable grills. But choosing between the Coleman RoadTrip LXX vs LXE can be tough.

These two grills have many similarities, but there are also some differences between them. And the differences can make or break your experience with them. Above, we’ve broken down those similarities and differences so that you can make an informed decision about which one to buy.

If you like to go more lightweight, with the same power output, we’d recommend the Coleman RoadTrip LXE (Currently unavailable on Amazon as of when writing this post. However, you can still check availability on Amazon)

But if you’d like it a bit bulky, the LXX is your best choice (Also, currently unavailable on Amazon as of when writing this post. However, you can still check availability on Amazon).


The Coleman RoadTrip LXX and LXE are both light and inexpensive options for car camping, road tripping, or even just tailgating. They offer a decent amount of space, flexibility in their setups and takedowns, and their own set of conveniences. They’re hard to go wrong with regardless of your needs, so if you know how long you’ll be out in the wild or how many people you’ll bring along for the ride, try one of the two out for yourself.

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