Propane Stove Not Burning Right

One of the most common problems that Coleman propane stoves face is that they don’t burn right. Luckily, the Coleman stoves are very easy to fix, requiring only a few minor adjustments. You can find simple, step-by-step instructions on how to fix the problem in the following section, but in some cases, it may be necessary to replace the burner.

If you’ve got a Coleman propane stove, you may have noticed that it doesn’t seem like it’s burning right. This is often because the items you are burning have a tendency to get stuck in the propane line. It can be tough to tell whether you have a propane problem, or whether you need to clean out the stove. Below are things you should fix.

1. Not Enough Gas

The gas that powers our Coleman stoves is notoriously finicky and hard to predict. While the company advertises that its stoves burn at a constant rate, it may not be enough for your needs. When you are cooking in cold weather or using a smaller burner, the heat may not be enough. When you are cooking on a windy day, the wind may move the flames.

Recently our Coleman propane stove stopped burning correctly. After adjusting the flame, it started working again, but we still weren’t getting the heat we were expecting. After a bit of research, we discovered that the problem was most likely caused by a clog on the gas line.

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A lot of people are afraid of propane stoves because they’ve been told that they’ll explode if they’re not using the correct propane. This is not true. The problem is that the thing that causes the stove to not burn right is the lack of correct fuel.

“Not enough gas” is a problem that crops up often for campers when they learn that the stove needs to be filled with more gas. This happens because the stove is either not getting enough gas at all, or it’s not getting enough fuel in the middle of the burn, which can cause the stove to stop burning.

2. Check The Valve

I’m sure you have experienced this before: you are cooking up an enjoyable meal on your Coleman Propane stove and it takes the longest time to heat up. This is because the valve is not opening and closing as it should. The only way to know for sure if the valve is opening and closing is to check.

3. Check The Hose

We’ve all had it happen: the hose becomes uncooperative, either breaking or getting too stiff to move. Before we know it, a fire breaks out and everything is ruined. Here, we’ll show you how to identify the problem and take care of it.

What your propane stove not burning right, check the hose. This is an extremely rare occurrence, as I always make sure to replace the hose when it gets worn, and never experience this problem before. So, I pulled the old one out of the stove and tossed it into the trash can, and installed the new hose. I flipped the stove on and the gas ran into the stove. I was relieved.

4. Cleaning The Propane Burner

The propane stove is an often-recommended camping stove to many people, though it receives mixed reviews from the camping community. I’ve had one for over 10 years, and not until this year did I learn that cleaning the burner of your propane stove is necessary to make sure it will remain working for the long term.

Whether you are using a propane stove or alcohol burners, the most important thing is to completely clean the burner after each use. This is especially important if you are burning fuel, since the carbon deposits can block the nozzle and cause it to create a blockage, and won’t allow your stove to burn well.

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5. Removing The Propane Tank

One of the most common causes of a malfunctioning Coleman propane stove is the propane tank. Over time, the propane will corrode and build up in the tank, which can cause a variety of problems. A quick fix to this problem is to simply remove the tank and clean it out.

6. Replace The Thermocouple

When a Coleman stove is not working correctly, one of the most things that come to mind is the thermocouples. While in the past finding the problem was quite easy, today the problem is much more likely to be the thermocouple located on the right side of the stove. If you don’t know what a thermocouple is, you should read this, “how do you change a thermocouple on a propane stove.”

If after you have checked these, but yet your propane not working, meaning the best option is for you to buy a new Coleman propane stove, check here for the best Coleman stove for camping. Also, you can read more FAQs on Coleman’s website here.