Coleman Triton vs Classic


Coleman classic vs Coleman triton propane stove… which one is the best, which should you buy, why should you buy it, which among them has better features? These are what we are going to be discussing in today’s post, so stay tuned so you won’t miss out as we are going to be focusing on Coleman classic vs triton propane stove.

Coleman classic vs triton propane stove

They are both amazing stoves for camping, easy to use, compatible, and easy to carry along for their best features. But let try to find out what areas these two amazing portable Coleman stoves vary with this, we can all tell which is best by their comparison information.

As we all know, the Coleman brand for their best imparts when it comes to outdoor gear, such as; cooking systems, canopy, sun shelters, talk of any camping gear. They got you covered as they sell a very wide range of products relating to camping.

Focusing on propane-fueled gas stoves, that’s the Coleman classic stove and the triton stove. These are among the prominent stoves you can easily buy and take on camping. Although the Coleman classic 2 burner propane stove, has been in production for years and is still among the best and most famous stoves for camping until the present.

But in the long run, we had the Coleman triton propane 2 burner stove. Which is just similar to the classic, or let me say somewhat more of an advanced to the classic? You can also check our post on; “what is the difference between coleman lxx and lxe

Coleman Classic Stove vs Triton Stove


They are both best with their features, but since the Triton is an upgrade version of the Classic, one has to be better. Now that the new Coleman Classic stove from Coleman has been out for several years, it has been replaced by a newer model, the Triton stove. While the two stoves are very similar, the differences between them are subtle. Both stoves have a solid steel body with a wide cooking surface and a compact footprint, but the new stove has several nice additional features, but that doesn’t make it a better choice for outdoor cooking. Let save you the stress and check out the below reviews and then you and I can make our best decision and choose between the Coleman classic vs triton propane stove, which is better and why?

Coleman Triton Propane 2 Burner Stove Review

The Triton Propane Stove is a nice unit to have if you have a camper or RV. With the Triton stove, you can now take cooking to the next level by exploring all of your cooking experiences while camping or outdoor. With two undependable and adjustable burners, you can cook your favorite meals such as the Corned beef hash and Egg in jail “camping stove meals”.

Cooking up to 11,000 BTUs for each burner, making a total of 22,000 BTUs. Which makes your meals in no time. And for the top surface, it allows you to fit a 12-inch and a 10-inch pot or wok concurrently. However, for the Perfect-Flow pressure control, which helps to automation provide steady heat, indeed in an unusual condition.

For any unusual conditions, you got windshield panels that help you shield your flame from wind blow, and can be adjusted whenever you need to fit a wider pot or wok. The Coleman Triton 2-Burner Stove is a compact, but powerful, camping stove. It is easy to set up, easy to use. What are some of its best features? Let’s take a look. Click here for the best deal on Amazon.

Coleman Classic 2 Burner Propane Stove Review

For the Coleman Classic Stove. Cooking outdoor has been very easy, and you can explore all your cooking abilities, but won’t like to take much of your time on this as it is the old version of the Triton stove, and they have almost the same feature which includes 2 burners, a windshield that help shield flame, Perfect-Flow control, and the likes.

The Coleman Classic Stove is a compact, lightweight stove that’s ideal for camping and tailgating. It’s easy to set up and use and can produce up to 20,000 BTUs per burner, which is enough to simultaneously cook an entire meal for 5 or 6 people. It’s also very easy to clean – just scrape the surface of the burners with a paper towel, and any bits of food will quickly melt away.

Camping stoves are a must for the avid camper, but shopping for one can be an overwhelming experience. Long before you went camper shopping, you probably have had a few dreams about the one perfect camping stove that would turn your outdoor adventures into a picnic-filled vacation.

But now that you’re here, you realize that the reality of the situation is entirely different. In fact, many of the Coleman stoves for sale out there are pretty pricey and probably cost more than you first expected.


If you have a limited budget, the Coleman Classic 2 burner propane stove may be exactly the thing you’re looking for. It has all the features that make camping easier, and it’s a decent price. Click here for the best deal on Amazon.

Comparison, Feature Chart for Coleman Triton vs Coleman Classic

Coleman has always been a brand that provides outdoor enthusiasts the best products for their outdoor adventures. And now, they have introduced two new camping stoves to their line, the Coleman Triton and Coleman Classic. It is difficult to determine which is the better one because they both come with their own set of features. To give you a better understanding, here is a comparison of the Coleman triton stove vs Classic.

Coleman classic propane stove:

Customer Global Reviews 
Global Rating 98%
Price $43.88
Burners Two
BTUs 20,000
Power Source AC/DC
Windshield Yes
Dimensions LxWxH 4.1 x 21.9 x 13.7 inches 
Item Weight 0.25 Pounds
Fuel Type  Liquefied Petroleum Gas
PerfectFlow Yes
PerfectHeat Yes
Material  Aluminium Steel 
Warmth 97%
Lightweight 97%
Easy to use 95%
Value for money 95%
Sturdiness 94%
Temperature control 94%

Coleman triton propane stove:

Customer Global Reviews
Global Rating 94%
Price $69.99
Burners Two
BTUs 22,000
Power Source Gas Powered
Windshield Yes
Dimensions LxWxH 13.88 x 5.75 x 23.06 inches 
Item Weight 2.2 Kilograms
Fuel Type Liquefied Petroleum Gas
PerfectFlow  Yes 
PerfectHeat  Yes 
Material  Steel 
Warmth 98%
Lightweight 98%
Value for money 98%
Easy to use 95%
Sturdiness 94%
Temperature control 94%


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Customers Viewpoints About Classic Stove’s Specs:


  • :mrgreen: This stove is absolutely an excellent stove and I really love it. I had no awful experience using it, after camping I had used it outdoor and still enjoying it and if it fought, I will always buy it again and again.
  • :mrgreen:  For everything, I love this stove and the burners’ ability is very much more than expectation, more powerful than every other camp stoves have tried in the past. And very much easy to set up was.
  • :mrgreen: An amazing stove with an excellent burner. We have taken this stove on a long camping trip and we never had an awful experience, although we have taken along an extra fuel tank.
  • :mrgreen: The stove is absolutely perfect, I and my friends used it last month camping at the Acadia National Park, Maine. And very easy to use.
  • :mrgreen: The stove is perfectly set up, and with the windshield, I’m able to cook under a heavy wind blow. With an easy-to-adjust latch, to get the burner power to a low setting. I’d recommend this stove.
  • 😥 Although the stove looks good on arrival, and when I use it, it also works perfectly cool. But after boiling water for my coffee, then the gas couldn’t get to the valves. I was lucky to have come camping with my wooden burner, which saves me throughout. Although, I have reached out to Coleman and they promise to send a new regulator.
  • 😥 What a terrible experience, the two burners are a full blast, or just put it off. And I can only manage to boil water, but can’t cook my favorite meals.
  • 😥 Only one side of the burner working cool and perfect, I want to believe I have paid for half the stove indirectly.
  • 😥 I’ve been camping for years, and my best brand for camping gear remains Coleman’s brand. I ordered this stove, and I never checked till I got to camp and I’m totally disappointed. Although it works like it should, as a normal stove, which was nice. The first error was the bent sheet metal. Although the bends aren’t that explicit, that could have caused a terrible condition for the stove, and the burners are bent, which is terrible for me.

Customers Viewpoints About Triton Stove’s Specs:


  • :mrgreen: With the 22,000 BTUs, the burners produce more heat, and are very much easy to set up. I love the stove for the heat capacity, nothing more.
  • :mrgreen: We enjoy camping with this stove, however; face some awful experience setting it up. I will buy again if only they made improvements.
  • :mrgreen: It was cool getting this stove. Using it for the very first time, the design looks cool and excellent.
  • :mrgreen: I have used both the classic and the triton in the past and amazing and I’m buying again, it was a lot better than the classic stove. For the price, you get the value of your money.
  • :mrgreen: Stove makes sense and is cool. For the 22,000 BTUs, cooking my favorite meal in camp has been a glorious experience.
  • 😥 Had an awful experience using this stove, I’ve ordered twice and was poor quality control.
  • 😥 While opening the box, the heat adjuster on the front fell off. The burners burned way too hot for use. Can’t cook or boil water for my night coffee. I will not recommend it.
  • 😥 They have lied about the ignitor. I can cot cook on low heat. And I’m very disappointed. I’m requesting a return as they haven’t responded to my complaint. I will not recommend it.
  • 😥 I ordered the stove for my next camping and it arrived quickly. Thanks for the fast delivery. On getting to camp, it was a snowing day. I got heartbroken at the stove condition. Although I go camping with a backup for every necessary gear, luckily I had charcoal as my backup. I tried everything I could, but the fuel never gets to the burners. I have contacted Coleman’s support but no response yet. I’m requesting a replacement or refund.

The most positive review for Classic stove (By the locals) :mrgreen:

For the very first time, I’m enjoying camping with an amazing stove from Coleman, the classic version. Talking about the easy-to-use, there seems to be cool. I have used a screwdriver to remove the knobs on the valves.

Although I have bought an extra tube for a few bucks. And also I had to use some silicone lube on the rings to help lighten the coat. Then the valves adjusted methodically and as well help me reduce the flame and was easier to control.

Although it is all a terrible process while cooking, I so much enjoy the stove and now I changed my review to 5 stars. And I will buy it again and again as this is the best propane stove for camping. So I firmly recommend this stove for all camping trips.

The most positive review for Triton stove (By the locals): :mrgreen:

Honestly, I can’t just imagine why so many talks bad about this stove, it works perfectly and amazingly for me. For the perfect flow, it’s just as it described valves to work great. We have bought two and spent two weeks in camp and we had no downiness getting low or high flame.

The windshield really helps us in the camp. You need to open the lid back to get them open, and this could give you some problems if there’s not enough space around. Putting away the fuel tank made, unlike other camp stoves, for there seems to be a malleable hose attachment.

This stove is far better than Coleman’s classic we used in my first camping experience. Although, on arrival, I had given a 3 stars rating, for the power of the 22,000 BTUs I came back to give it 5 stars rating. Still using mine for outdoor cooking since we will not camp soon. So I strongly recommend this stove for any camping trip you want to embark on.

The most critical review for Coleman classic stove (By the locals) 😥

I felt like hitting myself by buying this awful product; I had bought it for my first camping trip, but we never open it till we went camping. Upon opening, it was an awful moment and there was no sign to show it a new stove. One burner has changed brown somewhat to rust, and the corners of the grill also looked like what they had used. We hope to come back home, but my husband tries to fix it and use one burner since we had no option and any other thing else to cook for the night. The following day we had to purchase another stove and not even the Coleman brand. I will never recommend you buying this stove.

Top critical review for Coleman triton stove (By the locals) 😥

Sometimes most of these companies and brands just fooled us about upgrading a particular product, I had paid more for this upgraded stove “Triton”, hoping for more and a better feature. Though I had used the classic in the past and was just amazing and cool. On arrival, the left burner was bent. Trying to open the lid, it got hung on the tray. I could have returned to the stove, but I’m not by chance and I just had to use my old stove.

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Difference between Coleman Classic and Triton

The Coleman Classic and the Coleman Triton are both portable camping stoves that fold up similarly, but there are many differences between the two that hikers will want to know when deciding which will work better for them.

Both stoves fold down for easy transport, but you have to unfold the Coleman Classic to use it, where you can start cooking with the Coleman Triton right away. The Classic has two large burners, one that boils a quart of water, and another for frying, while the Triton also has two, of which one is for boiling water and the other for cooking. Both stoves have a built-in windshield, but the windshield on the Classic is larger. Also, for the BTUs, the Classic has 20,000, while the other has 22,000.

Which is better? Coleman Classic or Triton

Coleman’s Classic and Trite have been around for years and are both very popular and very good products. The Classic has been made for many years and is basic and easy to use. The Trite is a newer model and is made for more advanced campers.

So which is better, the Classic or the Triton? Before making any conclusion, when looking for the best camping stove for your next camping trip, it can be a daunting task to find the stove that will work best for you. There are many factors to consider, the weight of the stove, the amount of BTUs, and many more.

Some stoves are more complicated to use, while others come with more features, but even then, evaluating which stove is the best in those situations is still difficult. You don’t want to buy a stove that will be too complicated to use or one that has features you will never use.

All things considered, for me and based on my reviews, the difference between Coleman classic and triton, is nothing to welcome. During my last camping, I have bought the classic version, and it worked excellently.

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And I could fit on the two burners, my 10-inch frying pans side-by-side while cooking and my 10-inch pot boiling water for morning coffee and was quick and easy to use. The windshield panels fused with the recessed burners help to stay a bright flame.

Forget about the 22,000 BTUs; for me, if I’m asked a hundred times, I will choose the Coleman classic model over the so-called upgraded version of classic “Coleman Triton”, for its burners; it is nothing to write home about, not secured. However, the classic has been my favorite stove for camping, and stove I’m always delighted to explore my cooking spring while camping with friends and families.

Which Should you Buy, Why?

If you are in the market for a new stove on the cheap, you are in luck! You can get a Classic stove for around $43.88, while the Triton is over $74.99. Which would be pretty confusing to the average consumer, but just how good are they? Which stove should you buy? Although they are very similar, there are some big differences between the Coleman propane stove and the Triton propane stove. And, because Tridon has discontinued its line of propane canisters, many users are choosing to buy Coleman stoves instead. Another difference is the type of flame the stoves produce. Although they both have a pilot light, the pilot burn time is much shorter on the Triton stoves. The pilot burns time on the Coleman propane stoves ranges from 45 seconds to 90 seconds, while the pilot burn time on the Tridon stoves is between 3 and 24 minutes.

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In conclusion:

In conclusion, after my extensive research, the Coleman Classic is a far superior product. It provides similar functionality, but with a greater sense of quality that will last for years to come. In summation, all-in-all, Coleman classic vs triton are two of the most popular stoves for camping. For many, it might be difficult to say which one is better because both are reliable and have the basic features that you would want. Our best pick remains the Coleman Classic Stove, for its best capacity, cooking ability, and friendly price. For the Coleman Triton, if you have a high budget and looking for a stove with enough heat output, you can go for the Triton model.