Can You Burn Vodka in An Alcohol Stove?

Want to go camping with an alcohol stove, but getting the right flammable alcohol to burn could be a bit difficult as we all know that it’s not all liqueurs that are highly inflammable. Now you ask, can you burn vodka in an alcohol stove? The best answer for this is NO! as most vodkas are just too weak to burn. There are lots of research views over this, and many against using vodka in your alcohol stove.

Can you burn vodka in an alcohol stove

However, we have tested vodka and other alcohol on different stoves and the outcome is very poor, most especially, the vodka may not light up or go off immediately, and for most other alcohol that we have tested, will immediately go off while some can last a few minutes. (You can also check our post on Alcohol in a Coleman Stove)

That’s why it’s never advisable to use any other fuel or alcohol for your camping stove except for approved fuel sources for the stoves. However, for most drinkable alcohol, I’m sure it will be safe to burn on your stove.

What Percentage of Alcohol Do I Need in Vodka to Burn?

Notwithstanding, there are cases where your only option for fuel source will be vodka, and since it not flammable because of its low content of alcohol. As per the question asked, that what percentage of alcohol will burn? According to different sources and research, it’s said that a proof spirit of 100 proof with about 50 percent or higher will burn. However, we have gathered the Best Alcohol Stove for Backpacking, check out Here.

However, vodka or any other alcohol below 40 percent of alcohol content (or proof, as it’s been referred to in the state) won’t burn and cannot be used as a fuel source. Meaning, for any liqueur with above 50 percent of alcohol content, will be a significant source for flame and also don’t guaranteed to give a maximum flame.

Nevertheless, using alcohol as the fuel source for your stoves could be a bit dangerous as you ought to be careful and take into consideration; your surroundings, by making sure that you take the necessary steps precautions and be very much careful once the alcohol is on fire. (Also, we have discussed more about Using Rubbing Alcohol in An Alcohol Stove, and things to Consider.)

Generally, Is Vodka Flammable?

As have said earlier, the amount of alcohol needed to make vodka flammable, however, for most vodkas, research shows that they are 40% in alcohol volume, and in most cases, they are more than meaning if you got alcohol above 50%, they will burn very clean, with a blue flame.

Note, not all vodka with high numbers will burn, I’ve got 80 proof, and doesn’t burn.

If you want to burn alcohol in your stove, there are a handful available online and they sell up to 100 proof versions, try to lay your hand on any of these as it would be combustible. Nevertheless, in recent times we’ve noticed some much higher proof spirits with up to 200 proof, and these kinds of alcohol are extremely flammable, meaning the higher the number, the more it’s going to burn. Check out vinepair for the best alcohol that catches fire.