Can You Burn Alcohol in A Coleman Stove?

Coleman stove comes with its own fuels, which is sold separately with that stove, unfortunately, you have been using an alcohol-based stove in the past and recently you just switched to Coleman stove, now you ask “can you burn alcohol in a Coleman stove?” like can you use alcohol in a Coleman stove instead of the Coleman fuel? The simple answer is No, it’s not advisable and you shouldn’t use alcohol in a Coleman stove for any purpose or reason. However, there are lots of alcohol stoves out there, some come with dual fuel designs. To cut it off, if they make your camp or backpack stoves for naphtha, it won’t be advisable to use alcohol and this might not be safe.

Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with the fact that you can’t use or burn alcohol in a Coleman stove? Here’s proven research that has backed this study, it’s said that under no coincidences, for any stoves meant to burn Meths or Denatured alcohol, you should never use white gas or Coleman fuel, this could be unsafe. It’s advisable you stick with the unleaded.

Furthermore, What Fuel Can You Use in A Coleman Stove?

What kind of fuel do you use in a Coleman stove? However, a quick and easy way to get the most out of your Coleman stove depends on the kind of fuel you use, you either use white gas or gasoline, or kerosene. But for the best among these, it depends on different factors, which include; availability, cost prices, safety, and lastly its efficiency.

However, before we proceed, Coleman has its own fuel, designed for its stoves and lantern, with the fact that it is very much expensive, but it burns cleaner, and suit for your camp stove and lantern as well. For the fact that it’s much expensive, which is one of the major reasons why people look for an alternative such as white gas or kerosene or gasoline.

What Can I Use Instead of Coleman Fuel?

Alternatively, if you ask me, what fuel can be used in place of Coleman fuel when you don’t have Coleman fuel? I will suggest:

1. White Gas: When looking for the best alternative fuel for the Coleman stove, I will suggest white gas, as it’s the best replacement for Coleman fuel. Not only that, but it’s just the best hut, also a few dollars cheaper. However, it burns spotless, and it’s safe to use causing no damage to your camping stove.

2. Kerosine: We have added kerosine as the second-best heat source you can use when looking for Coleman fuel alternatives. However, it’s also cheaper and can be found easily in most gas stations. Also, it’s safe to use, only that it’s dirtier, and leaves soot, however, the soot is very easy to clean when compared to diesel and gasoline.

3. Gasoline: However, gasoline isn’t just the best option for a stove, also for its availability, it’s easy to get at any gas station and cheaper. But anyway, I don’t use gasoline, so won’t recommend it as well, and if you want to use it, make sure you don’t use it for the long term.

4. Diesel: When camping with a Coleman stove, and you want to burn diesel. It’s OK and easy to get safe as well. Only that it causes soot and smells, but compared to gasoline, it’s far better.

Is Coleman Fuel The Same as Denatured Alcohol?

Coleman fuel, better known as (Naptha), camping in a remote area, where you can find Coleman fuel, the only option is denatured alcohol, you ask yourself “can you use denatured alcohol in a Coleman stove?” Yes!!! But, as we all love Coleman fuel for its amazing burning energy, meaning using Denatured Alcohol will burn less and slow, and you’ll burn a lot less. The way out is to use your stove’s shield so as to help you prevent wind. And lastly, you need to be watchful as it tips off easily.