Cooking Inside A Camp Tent, Camping stove may be unwise inside a tent…

Can I use my camp stove inside my camping tent? Honestly, this really sounds awful to me… firstly why will you want to make use of your camp stove under your tent, while you have enough space outside the tent. Ok, because of the weather condition, “can you use a camping stove inside a tent?” If I’m, to be honest with you, I will never advise you to use your stove inside a camp tent. Camping stoves are an essential piece of equipment when you go out camping. But can you use your camping stove inside your camping tent? The short answer is NO, but the long answer is maybe. There are three elements to this question:

  • First, you need to ask yourself if you even need to use a camping stove inside your tent.
  • Second, you need to ask yourself if it is safe to use a camping stove inside your tent.
  • Third, you need to ask yourself if you have the room to use a camping stove inside your tent.

All the fun of camping comes with a few minor challenges. One of those challenges is trying to use your propane camp stove inside your tent. It can be a hard process since the stove usually needs an open flame to cook the food. Luckily, there are a few ways to work around this challenge. Because every situation is different, there is no one perfect method for making a camp stove work inside a tent. However, there are a few things you can do that are similar.

It’s a question that confounds backcountry campers across the country: can you use a camping stove inside a tent? It’s a problem that’s becoming more and more common as camping stays become longer and more luxurious, with high-end tents sporting kitchens and bathrooms. What’s the best way to get around this? Is it safe to use a stove inside a tent? This is a question we get a lot, so we thought we’d put together a quick blog post to answer it once and for all. It is true that many stoves that are sold as camping stoves will also work indoors, but the same is not true for all stove models. As a result, we strongly recommend that you only use an approved camping stove inside your tent. You should never use a propane or butane stove inside of a tent, as these types of fuel can be explosive when mixed with oxygen, which you will always have in an enclosed space. You also need to be sure to use a stove that is specifically designed for use inside a tent such as the heat tent stove, you can read more about heat tent stoves here.

With this, I won’t say just NO! But let me just explain the risky behind cooking under your camp tent, but before anything, do you know there are so many camp stoves available today in the market, and among them are some that are safe using inside a tent, that will a topic for another.

So, let take look at it from a unique perspective, if fortunate, you are camping in a place where the weather is amazingly great, such as in summer, spring, or somewhat autumn, cooking outside your tent will be cool. But if otherwise, cooking outside could be a tug of war.

But; however, sometimes there are days that will be rainy and also there may be thunderstorms, unfortunately, you are camping on one of these days. What will you do to make cooking easier for you? And you ask yourself “can you use a camping stove inside a tent”, the fear comes up because you don’t want to cause any arm for yourself cooking under your tent.

Can camp stoves be used indoors, inside a camp tent?

But what if I’m careful with my stove, can’t I still cook inside my camping tent? Although I have done a toe of research both online and offline, I still have people who still suggesting using a camp stove in a tent, but they all agreed to the fact that it shouldn’t be frequently, should at least be used occasionally.

With no research, or someone telling you, we should know that our stove flame and the camping tent’s fabric aren’t the best mergers, but what if in some situations when you have no choice than cooking inside your camp tent, because of the bad weather, should you just skip cooking? No! You should cook inside.


(can you use a camping stove inside a tent) Man using a backpacking stoves around the tent’s vestibule

So, during these days, is it permissible to use a camp stove inside a tent? As have said early, Yes! Because of the long period of rain or sometimes might be windy or too cold to stay outside the tent. I could remember, during my first camping with my father when we are young, we cooked inside the tent. Since it’s too cold outside (not even rain) and there are no other ways, we could prepare meals outside the tent.

But it’s often at your own risk to use a camping stove inside your tent. Let me briefly tell you the danger behind this, firstly; you could easily set your tent on fire, also the poisonous of the carbon monoxide. Now, let me explain further.

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As you know now that cooking under a camp tent can be quite unsafe. But; however, for the awful weather, cooking outside could be somewhat difficult. Below are some side effect of using a stove under your camp tent:

What is your Tent made of?

For our major focus is the tent and not really your camping stove itself, and focusing on the tent also talks more about the tent’s fabric. Is it an inflammable fabric? One thing you should notice is that, for most camp tents that got burnt, the fabric only got melted, only for a few you will notice total burn down.

Most tent fabrics have included and support for non-continued combustion. If you’re buying USA-made camping tents, all tents from the USA are required to be made from a fabric that has been flame-retardant treated.

For me, I don’t like this; for the chemicals used, they are highly toxic, and also if you have research more about the retardants used, you will find out that it has been grossly exploited by most manufacturers, and for this, the most researcher has disavowed this.

However, if care isn’t taken, and you use your camping stove inside your tent, you might get your tent meltdown using liquid fuel, or using a canister stove, you might be rare to burn your tent down.

Cooking in Tent – Safety, “You Could Get Your Tent on Fire”.

When you make use of your stove inside your tent, this is really a 50/50 game, you can cook safely with no problem, and as well you can set your tent ablaze, and this may cause severe damage. As well, this could be life-threatening or cause a burnt or serious injury. Although for most camp tents today, they are been treated with fire retardants, meaning if lucky you have such a tent, there are chances that if set ablaze, they burnt slowly and allow easily spread of flames. For this reason, it’s not advisable to use your camping stove under your camp tent.

Cooking in Tent – Health, “The Poisonous Of The Carbon Monoxide”.

For most stoves, they use fuel, and these kinds of stoves produce carbon monoxide while cooking. From the burning of the carbon-based included in your stove’s fuels such as the white gas, gasoline, canister fuel, and even in some solid fuel cubes as well as firewood and charcoal. Too much intake of carbon monoxide could lead to brain damage, or death (according to MayoClinic). To get rid of this danger, it’s highly advisable you use your stove outside your tent, and in a well-ventilated area, but in the event that the awful weather won’t allow you to cook outside, it’s better you manage your tent’s vestibule and make sure you leave the door open widely. However, you can still leave your tent’s door and windows open for better ventilation.

Now you know why you can’t use a camping stove in a tent…

Recap, we mentioned early, that they make most camp tents with flammable material. For any slight of flame, your tent can get a huge fire, and burn down completely. Also, for the carbon monoxide, you will limit the ventilation within your tent by the gas vapors that build-up and sometimes can also cause a fire. However, for those in awful weather and ask about if they “can you use a camping stove inside a tent?”. Now I and you (for reading this post) will boldly say NO… Always keep away your stove from the camping tent and keep to the safety instructions from the tents and stove’s manufacture.

Cooking in Tent – Justification, “Using a camp stove inside a tent, here’s a special rule for tents”.

Everything considered, but before you use a camp stove inside your tent, your risks at setting your tent ablaze are significantly magnified. In the long run, should we just say there should be no reason to justify any danger or damage you might cause using your stove in such a flammable small space under the tent, (not ever when you have enough space)?

Also, another thing is that, if you’re camping in a bear country, cooking outside might not be safe. As we know that bears have extremely keen noses sensitive, and cooking smoke could easily attract, even the lingering smells around can still attract them after a long period you’re done cooking. However, cooking inside your camping tent will at least help rude the awakening from a hungry animal.

Why is it unwise to use a camping stove in a tent?

Camping stove manufacturer Coleman recently published a blog post about why it is unwise to use a camping stove inside a tent. They argue that a stove left unattended inside a tent could accidentally ignite the tent’s fabric and leave the camper with nothing but a smoldering mess. However, this is a brilliant question, one that addresses one of the most common mistakes campers make. Cooking inside your tent is not only unwise but potentially dangerous. Imagine what could happen if your stove caught fire, or you spilled a pot of boiling water: you could seriously hurt yourself or someone else, destroy your tent and its contents, and even start a forest fire. There are safer ways to heat your food while camping. If you’re worried about the weather, use a campfire. If you need a quick meal, there are a variety of portable stoves you can use to cook outside of your tent. Or, if you prefer, you can try one of the many freeze-dried food options.

In conclusion.

Afterward, using a camping stove inside a tent should never be an issue of preference and choice, and it should only be a matter of necessity that calls for it. However, there are stoves you can use inside a camping tent, with no fear. (Check out our next post as it will cover the best camping stove to cook inside a tent.) Afterward, you can always go camping with this kind of stove, should in case of any necessity. However, camping stoves are handy for outdoor cooking, but using them improperly can be dangerous. To avoid injuring yourself or starting a fire, make sure you understand some important safety rules. Before you even think about using a camping stove, make sure you have all of the following: hot coals or a fire pit with a grate, a cooking grate, a pot or pan, and sufficient water to extinguish any flame or embers.

Thank you for reading. You can also share your thoughts using the comment section below!