What is The Best Alcohol Stove for Backpacking on The Market?

Hi, are you looking for the best alcohol stove for backpacking camping, and probably looking for something lightweight. By the way, what does an alcohol stove looks like, what it does, and where to buy it?

At first, alcohol stoves are amazing stoves for camping, hiking, and backpacking, however, this is a stove that uses alcohol as a source of heat supply (meaning its burns on alcohol as its fuel source). Whenever you want to go camping without carrying much weight, alcohol stoves are always the best option for you. However, they are very much available on amazon.

Also, when you want to spend less on fuel, this kind of stoves are the best option out there, as they use a low-cost fuel and always easy to find at any resupply points. With the amazing benefit of this stove, it burns amazingly just like your normal backpacking stoves that use gas or liquid fuel as a source of heat for the alcohol stoves; they burn methanol, denatured alcohol, or ethanol as its fuel source.

Talking about its design, they are very small, lightweight stoves best made for hiking and backpacking, and they are constructed out of thin metal, however; they are designed with a small basin or container that helps you hold a few ounces of the denatured alcohol or ethanol fuel. Although they come in unique designs, however; the fuel chamber is commonly connected by some streak of holes as a burner, which helps set flame around its edge for proper heat circulation.



1. RedCAMP.

REDCAMP Alcohol Stove for Backpacking, Lightweight Brass Spirit Burner for Camping Hiking

Price: $15.99 | Buy NOW! (Amazon)

When looking for the best alcohol stove for backpacking overall, the RedCAMP is just the perfect alcohol stove for your outdoor cooking, while camping, hiking, or backpacking. This stove is what I call an all-in-all, as it’s also made from an aluminum alloy that makes it more convenient and lightweight for hiking and backpacking. However, talking about the price, and you ask which is the cheapest alcohol stove? the RedCAMP with its price remains the most cheap best alcohol stoves for backpacking, cost about $15.99.

However, for the amazing base that comes with a windcheater that helps you keep the flame stable, also helps you hold up pots and pans. These stoves, however, come with an amazing flame regulator that supports a foldable handle to control and extinguish the flame, also for the rubber seal which helps you to prevent any kinds of leakage and evaporation.

This stove’s package includes at least; one stove bracket, one spirit stove, and one velvet bag. As have said earlier, it’s made from an aluminum alloy with a copper-based burner of 7.5 x 4.6cm / 3.0 x 1.8″ (W x H) for the burner size, and standing size of about 9.5 x 6.5cm / 3.7 x 2.6″ (W x H), with a net weight of 5OZ/145g. Find out more about this stove on Amazon, click here.

Important Notes from its manufacturer:

  1. It’s not advisable to top up alcohol whenever the stove is in a combustion process.
  2. It’s advisable to use this stove in a horizontal plane, and you should not overload the stove with alcohol just to help you avoid overflow.
  3. It’s advisable you shouldn’t leave the stove alone while using and make sure you keep it out from children.

2. Esbit.

Price: $49.99 | Buy NOW! (Amazon)

As per your request about looking for the best alcohol stove for backpacking during summer, I will strongly suggest the Esbit alcohol stove as the best alcohol stove to use during the summer, as it helps you provide different cooking options while on the go.

The Esbit stove comes with a 985ML pot, and also includes an indicator volume in liter/oz. This lets you measure the amounts of water needed. For the design, it’s made from a very lightweight and strong anodized aluminum, which also includes supports for your cooking wears to a standstill.

Amazing winds hide and support the base for Esbit solid fuel. This stove also comes with an excellent brass alcohol burner that allows variable heat control, with denatured alcohol as the fuel source. Comes with a mesh bag and fits in your backpack. Stove’s dimension includes 5.0” (14.7 x 12.7cm, with a net weight of 14.7OZ/417g. Stove available on Amazon, click here.

3. Kuvik Titanium.

Price: $25.00 | Buy NOW! (Amazon)

However, if you ask me that what is the best alcohol stove for backpacking during winter, I will recommend the Kevin Titanium alcohol stove as the best stove to use when backpacking during winter. However, for its ingenious design that allows you to go camping with high maneuverability of carrying less weight, with its ultralight designed and compressed size.

However, it helps you to save more space and weight in your backpack, as this stove uses alcohol as its fuel source, so you don’t need to carry that heavyweight fuel canister along with you in your backpack. For more efficient spaces, they design this Titanium stove with a removable rack that can also be dismantled as well.

As per the stove’s dimensions, it has 3” inches for its diameter and 1.75” inches of height. Moreover, for the body design, this stove is made with titanium, and its total net weight is around 2.5OZ.

Its fuel source, however; there is nothing to worry about, as we have different types of alcohol as fuels that can burn with this stove, which include isopropyl, denatured alcohol, and sometimes you can burn proprietary brands or grain alcohol. Also, included some supper winter survival kits, which makes it the best stove to use during winter. Find out more details on Amazon, click here.

4. Evernew Titanium.


Price: $46.99 | Buy NOW! (Amazon)

Want the best out of alcohol stoves for backpacking or hiking, we test the Evernew ok, this stove is unique in its own sense, and you can explore all of your cooking abilities. However, with the ultra design and portable ability, it’s easy to carry along while on the go carrying a less weight up to 6 ounces.

With its stable flame, can hold up to about 70ml fuel capacity. However, with the optional cross stand that gives you a height optimal to use the stove efficiently. Support for multi-fuel adaptability, as not only burn on alcohol but support for wood and solid fuel. Find out more about this stove on Amazon, click here.

5. Vargo Triad.

Vargo Triad Backpacking Stove

Price: $39.95 | Buy NOW! (Amazon)

When it comes to looking for the price best alcohol stoves for backpacking, you got the Vargo Triad alcohol stove, with multi-fuel capacity, as it burns alcohol, tabs, or gel. Comes with retractable legs and support to keep your cooking wear up and standstill. However; filling made easy as well reclaim unused fuel is just amazing.

With a durable titanium design body, made with aluminum material, that never rusts, maximum lightweight that made it easy to carry along with fuel options including denatured alcohol, fuel gels, and fuel tabs. User ability made easier extendable legs and pot rack. Find out more on Amazon, click here.